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1st Kiss

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

Eight years ago, the hero Gu Chi’s mother and the heroine Jiang Lan’s father died in a car accident. Seeing Gu Chi who was still young and suffering a sudden misfortune as her, Jiang Lan sympathized with him and took him in. Now that Gu Chi is a new model and Jiang Lan is already a super model, their feelings for each other are changing.

Above Ten Thousand People

66 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

Yi Feng is the main character and a traverser from Earth.[4]

Five years ago, Yi Feng played the Immortal Cultivator Simulator continuously for 90 hours, and the achievement he earned transported him to another world of cultivators. He was assigned a system named System Golden Finger. In Jiangping City, System Golden Finger created a 600 square meter gym out of thin air for him to train himself. Yi Feng was excited about beginning his cultivation journey until System Golden Finger informed him that he can’t cultivate because he has no Spiritual Root.[4]

For this reason, he thinks he’s a powerless mortal, [4]even though he is actually incredibly powerful.

Yi Feng, being so powerful, unknowingly creates a community of peerless Ten-Fate or below Martial Supremes within the area around his Martial Arts Gym, through him feeding the community with Heavenly elixirs, and the sheer presence of his shenanigans or himself attracts old masters and allows for them to break through to the Martial Supreme rank. Following the event where Yi Feng casually throws a punch into the air out of excitement, he opens a massive gateway to the Immortal Realm which allows for more Immortal Qi to seep out into the lower worlds, allowing his community of Ten-Fate Martial Supremes to thrive and even break through to the Human Immortal level.

Against the Gods

Foch Films, High Energy Studio, IQIYI
24 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Against the Gods

His meridians were destroyed. He was abandoned by his clan, mocked by the world as useless trash, and was murdered on the night of his wedding… but thanks to the Mirror of Samsara, his destiny was reversed and he was reborn into the world, filled with both hatred and regret. He swore that this time, he would reach the pinnacle of power!

Against the Gods [Nitian Xie Shen] Dynamic Comic

94 episodes 路 ONA Completed Against the Gods, Nitian Xieshen, Against the Gods Dynamic Comics Season 1, 閫嗗ぉ閭 鍔ㄦ佹极鐢 绗1瀛, 閫嗗ぉ閭杞诲姩鐢, Against the Gods Dynamic Comic, 閫嗗ぉ閭

His meridians were destroyed. He was abandoned by his clan, mocked by the world as useless trash, and was murdered on the night of his wedding… but thanks to the Mirror of Samsara, his destiny was reversed and he was reborn into the world, filled with both hatred and regret. He swore that this time, he would reach the pinnacle of power!

(Source: Wutopia Comics)

Age Of Terror

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Quanqiu Guiyi Shidai, Age of Terror,Global Weird Age,Qu谩nqi煤 Gu菒y矛 Sh铆d脿i,Worldwide Strange Era,鍏ㄧ悆璇″紓鏃朵唬

After a weird hundred years where ghosts were appearing, only one-tenth of mankind remained and the number of ghosts exceeding the number of humans remaining! In order to survive, humans needed to choose a 鈥渃ompanion ghost鈥 from birth, and constantly cultivate their own companion ghost so that they can be used to fight against other ghosts. The world has entered a weird era of co-existence with ghosts! With the help of the system, the invincible ghost cultivated by Lin Feng causes the whole world to tremble.

Airline Stewardess

High Comic Culture
80 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing On a Deserted Island with Beautiful Sisters,The days when I and the stewardess survived on a deserted island,鎴戝拰绌哄鑽掑矝姹傜敓鐨勬棩瀛

Veteran Liu Yi suffered an air crash and was exiled on a deserted island, killing wild boars and fighting savages for his livelihood.
Unexpectedly, the beautiful empty sisters, the sexy mixed-race beauties, and the gentle kindergarten teachers threw themselves into their arms one after another.
Liu Yi expressed that he really wanted to live a good life!
Who knows what will happen in the future if she accidentally accepts the inheritance of the god king?

Already Invincible At The Beginning

52 episodes 路 ONA Completed Already Invincible at the Beginning , Invincible at the Start , K膩ij煤 Ji霉 W煤d铆 , 寮灞灏辨棤鏁 ,闁嬪眬灏辩劇鏁

鈥淒ing, the host has opened the invincible field! As long as the host is invincible in the field鈥!鈥 As a nerd, Chen Changan travels through the fantasy world, facing countless monsters and ghosts from the outside world, Chen Changan decided not to leave his invincible field before becoming immortal. When he is bored, he occasionally raises a few cute and sweet apprentices, and accidentally cultivated them to become leaders in the spiritual world, which turned the world upside down.

Arch Villain

54 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

Yin Wudao, a super rich and handsome man. Because Cao was a good thief, he was tortured and killed by the Dragon King. But he accidentally triggered the god-level villain system, and his life started again. Since you choose to be a villain, you must be the biggest villain. The Dragon King鈥檚 son-in-law, the miracle doctor, the God of War, Shura, the master of ancient martial arts, the reborn immortal… All the proud men of heaven, they all knelt down and sang conquest for me!!! However, how could this so-called villain do everything in a decent manner? ?

As The Richest man, I Don鈥檛 Want To Be Reborn

45 episodes 路 ONA Completed

Humans that wear clothing with ancient elements, knights that use elemental magic, cultivators that soar through the sky on their swords, a loli squad who fights using nanomachines, undeads who came from a door to another world, Super Saiyans鈥 These all aren’t important, what’s important is: “Do you want to become rich”? Top of the realms! Strongest in the universe! Earning the name of the richest man alive in Forbes! Taking you on journeys around the realms! Teach you how to be the richest! Teaching you how to achieve financial freedom! Earn an astronomically large sum of money!!


9 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Xi Xing Ji: Kuang Wang

Youyu, a frail young Asura boy, developed amazing potential after witnessing the slaughter of his tribe, and was abducted by his ancestor Ji Ji. Youyu was reborn through the hell-like death torture of Zhuji, and developed the five senses of the God of Fighting and the unique way of fighting souls. After completing the death training, Youyu reunited with his friend Shigure, but Asura’s law of the jungle persecuted Shigure to death. Realizing that being strong is the only way out, Youyu embarks on the road to becoming a king, determined to become the strongest and rewrite the rules of Asura!

Back to Rule Again

82 episodes 路 TV Completed

Yang Fan saw his younger sister die in front of him and his girlfriend betrayed him. But he got lucky and was reborn before the Apocalypse. In the previous life, he was humiliated and betrayed. But this time, he clenches the superpower ring and says: “Only the strongest one deserves to survive, and I am the strongest one!”

Bahuang Sword Sovereign

? episodes 路 OVA Completed

Tang Yun, who has experienced ups and downs in life, resolutely refused to become a son-in-law after awakening Goldfinger against the counterattack, and wanted to control his life by himself, so he ran away with his wife and rebellious sister-in-law

Became King After Being Bitten

28 episodes 路 ONA Completed Blood World , Bei Yao Hou Chengwei Wangzhe, Make Me the Vampire King!, 琚挰鍚庢垚涓虹帇鑰

After rebirth, the world has changed. The blood clan has become the master of the world, and mankind has fully accepted this life and is proud to be a family member of the blood clan. As the saying goes : humans who have not been sucked by the blood clan are not good people. Wang Zhe wanted to repair the regrets left in his previous life and live a better life, but unexpectedly, he was involved in all kinds of events competing for the quota of blood family members. At the critical moment of life and death, a mysterious force in Wang Zhe鈥檚 body revived. The blood families, real masters and real kings came!

Carpenter Assassin

13 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Jinyi Shen Jiag

In the first year of the Apocalypse, institutions were prevalent, and old and new parties fought for power and attempted chaos. Shen Wen, a scholar in Qinan Prefecture, mastered the skill of carpentry. One day on the road, he was accidentally involved in a theft case of a palace secret treasure, and thus got acquainted with Mu Siqing, the chief guard of Jinyi. Shen Wen discovered that the secret treasure that Jin Yiwei was looking for turned out to be the Liuhe Beast Map that led to his entire family being wiped out. The Liuhe Beast Map contained the secrets of the dynasty. In order to find the enemy who destroyed the family and unlock the secret of the Liuhe Beast Map, Shen Wen decided to secretly arrange a plan to infiltrate Fu Beizhen. manage

Looking for the truth of the year

Chaos Dan God

300 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

Chaos Sword God

60 episodes 路 ONA Completed Chaotic Sword God

Jian Chen, the publicly recognized number one expert of the Jianghu. His skill with the sword went beyond perfection and was undefeatable in battle, After a battle with the exceptional expert Dugu Qiubai who had gone missing over a hundred years ago, Jian Chen succumbed to his injuries and died.
After death, Jian Chen鈥檚 spirit was transmigrated into a completely foreign world. Following an extremely fast growth, his enemies piled up one after another before becoming gravely injured once more.
On the gates of death, his spirit had mutated, and from that moment henceforth, he would tread on a completely different path of the art of the sword to become the sword god of his generation.

Chaotic Heavenly Emperor

150 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

Chu Jianqiu accidentally obtained the secret of the Emperor of Chaos, rose from the bottom, and embarked on the journey of the world! One thought collapsed the sea of stars, another thought split the sky! One thought slayed demons and ghosts, one thought buried gods and demons! Looking down at the realm of the gods, who dares to compete? This is the Emperor of Heaven. The power!

Coming Out Of Seclusion After A Hundred Thousand Years

60 episodes 路 ONA Completed

One hundred thousand years ago, the old ancestor of the Forgotten Immortal Sect Chen Xuan who was once known as a peerless existence in the world, retires himself from the limelight, little did anyone know that the reason behind this was that he could no longer breakthrough due to the malfunction of his system. One day, a female disciple of the clan鈥檚 Lineage prays for His help, which causes the system to successfully reboot鈥 As long as he cultivates his descendants, he can continue to get stronger and can continue to rule the world For Ages! A Supreme Emperor, who has been in seclusion for 100,000 years, has come out with a brand new System at his disposal鈥

Cultivating The Supreme Dantian

120 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Kaiju Qian Dao Zhizun Dantian

In the Ten Thousand Realms Continent, there are strong men like clouds, and geniuses emerge in large numbers. There are countless young geniuses who are unique among thousands. They are called the Son of God, the Son of Emperor, and the Son of Tao, and become the future of the sect. Among them, only one among millions can experience countless dangers in the world, overcome endless difficulties, and become a peerless genius. The strong will participate in the competition for the only grand throne. Qin Shu, a useless mortal with a mortal body, became the Son of God because his father was one of the strongest men in the world, but he was despised and ridiculed by everyone in the clan because of this. Until one day, his final binding progress of the Three Realms Sign-in System was finally reached. 100%. Boom! Reached the top of Jueyun Peak, congratulations on getting the reward: Ever-Moving Dantian! Boom! Reached the Moon Floating Island, congratulations on getting the reward: Sun Divine Body! Boom! Reached the Wuji Pool within the specified time, congratulations on getting the reward: Taboo Supreme skin!

The news of the disappearance of Emperor Qifeng shocked the mainland, and the troubled times of various forces competing for the throne officially began. It was at this time that Qin Shu, the son of the Eighteen Gods, embarked on a journey to travel around the world and sign in the Eight Wastelands…

Dark Hunter

Qingxiang Culture
? episodes 路 ONA Completed Shouren,The Hunter (Big Bear),Dark Hunter (Big Bear)

Chen Beiming, a young member of the Star Alliance, was assassinated under the order of the Five Emperors. Unexpectedly, his soul went back to the past of 10 years ago, granting him the chance to change his destiny, as well as to take his revenge on those who was behind his death.

Dark Sea Era

20 episodes 路 ONA Completed 脌n H菐i J矛 Yu谩n / 鏆楁捣绾厓

Doomsday broke out, zombies besieged the city, an ordinary youth carrying a frigtening secret on his shoulders, has been awakened by an ordinary boy and gains control of the goddess and her fighting abilities. Mysterious forces invading in all directions, and a fight for survival. In order to uncover the unfortunate events and mysteries around him, the youth and the goddess embark on a journey to uncover the real truth.

Dark Star Emperor

? episodes 路 ONA Completed Protoss Dark Emperor, Xing Ling An Di, Dark Star King. 孝械屑薪褘泄 袣芯褉芯谢褜 袩褉芯褌芯褋褋, 鐏垫殫甯

Xiaobai is passing away from a disease. He unintentionally pertains to one more globe with the continuing to be heart of Long Ming. Celebrity King, the toughest human in this globe, in his body. He obtains the toughest capability called “Infinity of Darkness”. At the cost of sensation dreadful discomfort whenever he obtains an erection. Just when he learns the individual that outlined Long Ming’s fatality and also prospers to the throne can the discomfort go away …

Dominate the Three Realms

120 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing 涓诲涓夌晫

Three centuries ago, this man was a powerful emperor, but he ended up being assassinated by his own fianc茅e the night before their wedding. Three hundred years later, he somehow managed to defy fate and got reincarnated and thus began his journey to cultivate forbidden Supreme Arts and awaken his Divine Meridians! Now, he isn’t going to let anyone get in his way.

Dominating Son In Law

60 episodes 路 ONA Completed Zhen Guo Shen Xu,Godly Son-in-Law of Zhen Country Tr岷 Qu峄慶 Th岷 T岷 Zh猫n Gu贸 Sh茅n X霉 鐒¤兘銇ㄥ懠銇般倢銇熷か銇湡銇Э 闀囧浗绁炲┛

Chu Chen, the descendant of the world鈥檚 number one Qimen, accidentally sealed his own soul and five souls on the way down the mountain after finishing his studies, and became the son-in-law of a fool for five years. After awakening, a generation of domineering son-in-law Chu Chen drank the strongest wine, beat the worst dogs, and staged a life of counterattack every day!

Doomsday super system

98 episodes 路 ONA Completed

The end of the world is coming, terror has enveloped the whole world, and the earth has become a hunting ground for zombies and mutant creatures.聽Zhao Tianlei (male protagonist) accidentally acquired a mysterious super system. Although he is not a saint, but seeing the tragic situation in front of him and the deaths of his classmates, how can he stand by and watch Zhao Tianlei, who has a super upgrade and exchange system, How to lead humans to fight against corpses and restore human civilization.

Dragon King Order

45 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

Chen Ping was imprisoned for a mistake for 3 years, but there he was guided by someone and did immortality cultivation.
After he was released from the prison, he used his medical skills and cultivation skills and had connections with the Capital鈥檚 Artists. He also intended to take revenge against the Xiao Family who had imprisoned him in the past.
However, he accidentally took over the Dragon King Hall, a mysterious organization built by an expert, continuing to train until the mysteries that had been hidden all this time were bit by bit uncovered.

Emperor Qin returns! I am the Eternal Immortal Emperor

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Emperor Qin returns! I am the Immortal Emperor of the Thousand Years, Qin huang guilai! Wo wei qiangu xian di

Emperor Qin Ying Zheng was unable to overcome the tribulations in the immortal world. He was reborn in the city, where the spiritual force was restored. With his sword, he vanquished the strong men from outside the realm, conquered the ladies in the harem, and called forth the fierce warriors and fierce generals with his hands to conquer the entire world! He held the title of Emperor of the Immortals during his previous existence. He pledged to return to the immortal realm and reach the pinnacle of immortality in this life!

Endless Devourer

60 episodes 路 ONA Completed Endless Devourer, Inexhaustible Engulfing, Wujin Tunshi, W煤j矛n T奴nsh矛, 鏃犲敖鍚炲櫖

Yang Chen, who had the worst grades in the entire academy, suddenly discovered that he possessed the ancient dragon鈥檚 martial soul. In a world where this martial soul was incredibly rare, Yang Chen became a master of all attributes. In this fantasy world full of adventure, he would embark on a life that was nothing short of miraculous, wielding his incredible talent and defying all odds.

First Son-in-Law

45 episodes 路 ONA Completed Diyi Zhuixu ,Revenge Planned For Ten Years ,The Kept-Man Strikes Back ,The Best Husband Ever , Ch脿ng R峄 膼峄 Nh岷,Son-in-Law Above Them All

For the sake of finding his missing parents, Qin Li was forced to become mute for ten years to cultivate a technique given to him by a mysterious old man. He was forced to marry into his gorgeous wife’s family, but she never treated him well and called him good-for-nothing! But today, those ten years are over! Today, Qin Li is about to change everything!

Get Infinite Magic Weapons at the Start

80 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

Bai Yifan has an ancient ancestral ring
that can freely travel between the earth and the fantasy world, and discovers that the “animals and plants” on the earth will evolve into treasures if they are brought into the fantasy world. Take an apple and evolve it into a fairy fruit. An egg hatches out of a phoenix. A native dog with the blood of a true dragon. Eating a dragon fruit can help you develop supreme fire power. I can even use betel nut and tobacco to control the enemy and use them to my advantage. Many years later, Bai Yifan ascended to the Immortal Realm, and was shocked to discover that the earth was actually the Hongmeng Ancestral Realm, the highest among the heavens!

Glorious Revenge of Ye Feng

Suoyi technology, Youku Animation
40 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Dubu Wangu,鐙涓囧彜,Glorious Revenge of Ye Feng

In the Cloud Illusory Continent, the number one alchemy prodigy, Ye Feng, breaks the shackles of heaven and earth only to be betrayed by the Nine Heavens Dao Palace. He is then reborn in the decadent Ye Feng of the Yunwu Kingdom. Driven by a thirst for revenge, Ye Feng embarks on a path of cultivation once more. As he diligently refines his skills, he also seeks the movements of the Nine Heavens Dao Palace. With his astonishing effort and innate talent, he becomes renowned across the Nine Continents, defying the heavens themselves. This is a blood-pumping tale of an unorthodox emperor’s legendary journey!

God Of Martial Arts

30 episodes 路 ONA Completed

The story takes place in the Jiuxiao Continent where martial arts is respected. It tells the story of Lin Feng, a modern student who wakes up due to an accident and becomes the “trash” young master of the Lin family who has not yet awakened his martial spirit. From then on, with the power of two martial souls, he made breakthroughs in cultivation, overcame obstacles, gained a confidant, and gained a shocking inheritance.

God-Level Choice: I Never Follow A Routine To Become Stronger

60 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Shen Ji Xuanze: Wo Cong Bu An Taolu Bian Qiang, 绁炵骇閫夋嫨锛氭垜浠庝笉鎸夊璺彉寮,God-Level Choice: I Never Follow A Routine To Become Stronger

鈥淒ing Ding!鈥 鈥淪ystem Prompt: facing the challenge of a Sect disciple, please host choose give him a hug 鈥 reward one Spirit Sea Pill.鈥 鈥淒ing Ding!鈥 鈥淪ystem prompt: the sect disciple is under ambush, please host choose run away quickly 鈥 reward one high grade elixir.鈥 Lin Yi unexpectedly got the choice system, and thought he would soar to the sky, but it turned out that the system binding went wrong, so he opened an alternative mode of cultivation.

Holy Assistant, I am already invincible

25 episodes 路 ONA Completed Sheng Zun Zhuli De Wo Yijing Wudile,鍦e皧鍔╃悊鐨勬垜宸茬粡鏃犳晫浜,I鈥檓 Already Invincible As The Assistant Of The Saint Venerable

Bai Huo, who was once a top killer, became a life savior in the apocalypse of alien invasion. One day, he suddenly received a commission from the top, asking him to save the superhero Saint who protects mankind. Why did the savior of the last days start to go on strike? Bai Huo disguised himself as the assistant of the Holy Lord and began to perform brutal treatment on the Holy Lord.

Hundred Refining Soaring Record

50 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Hundred Refining Soaring Record, 鐧剧偧椋炲崌褰,Bai Lian Feisheng Lu

Qin Fengming, a teenager in the mountain village, ate nine leaves of Yin and Yang fruit by mistake, so he stepped onto the road of cultivating truth, refining artifacts, collecting magic weapons, and protecting the right path! Qin Fengming, with his great talent and unremitting persistence, traveled alone in the thorny world of cultivating immortals, and with the help of the mysterious little beauty Milo, he made a generation of Taoist legends!

I Am A Boss In The Devil Realm

68 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Wo Zai Difu Kai Hougong,I Opened a Harem in Hell,I Opened the Harem in the Underworld

Zhang Xiao just started playing a game called “King Of The Underworld” when he suddenly died and transmigrated into the game. See how he defeats all the plots and conspiracies to become the most powerful man in the Underworld, and conquer all the women

I Am the Descendant of the Divine Dragon

60 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Wo, Shenlong Zhihou!, 鎴戯紝绁為緳涔嬪悗锛, I, the Queen of Dragons!, I am the descendant of the Divine Dragon!

In the Xuanshi Continent, warriors compete. Warriors refine their bodies, open their martial veins, seize the fortunes of heaven and earth, and strengthen their bodies to transcend the six realms. The warrior Lu Hao was framed by his tribe since he was a child, but he was lucky enough to awaken the dragon bloodline. In order to unravel the many mysteries of his past life, he persevered with great perseverance under many murderous intentions, and finally rose up step by step and reached the top!

I Am The Evil Emperor

100 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Wo Wei Xie Di

Xie Yan, a peerless handsome man, once traveled through time and fell into the den of a witch. In order to save himself, he traveled across the heavens and realms, killed the sons of the planes, refused to join the federal ocean… and finally became an evil emperor. The entire film follows the male protagonist Xie Yan as he travels across the universe, experiencing and growing up in different small worlds. Using the system’s abilities, he gradually clarifies the truth behind the entire world’s practice system, and uncovers the secret of the fall of ancient practice sects. A story about opening up a new world for his own spiritual path, stepping out of the Han Dynasty as an agent of the Nine Sects, and getting involved in the world’s rivers and lakes disputes, fighting wits and courage with powerful enemies from all walks of life.

I am the King

60 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

It tells the story of the male protagonist Gao Miao who travels through the world derived from hundreds of millions of movies, comics, novels and other literary and artistic works in order to return to the earth, and undergoes a series of monster-fighting upgrades and construction.

The story of establishing a harem.

I Can Change the Timeline of Everything

60 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing i can modify the timeline of everything,wo keyi xiugai wanwu shijian xian,鎴戝彲浠ヤ慨鏀逛竾鐗╂椂闂寸嚎

鈥淲hat should I do if the elixir has expired? Don鈥檛 be afraid! Just reverse the elixir鈥檚 time, I want all of your expired elixirs! What should I do if the cultivation method is too slow? Don鈥檛 be afraid! Just adjust the cultivation time forwards by hundreds of years, the cultivation method will be successfully mastered immediately. What if the growth of Spiritual Grass is too slow? Don鈥檛 be afraid! Just accelerate the growth time of the Spiritual Grass by tens of thousands of years, and the Spiritual Grass immediately becomes a Divine plant. Traveling to another world and discovering that you are a waste material? Don鈥檛 be afraid! I can change the timeline of everything!鈥

I Can Control The Life Opportunity

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing I Can Control the Life Opportunities, 鎴戞嬁鎹忎簡姘旇繍涔嬪瓙

Ye Chuyun transmigrated to the world of metaphysical fantasy, with no qualifications, no background, and no chance.
After three years of hard work, he was about to be expelled from the clan when he finally activated the Life Panel System.
“You say you are the Chosen One, the True Fate? Very well, from now on, all your chances are mine!

I Can Copy a God-level Martial Soul

Ruo Hong Culture
60 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing 寮熷瓙閮借鎴戞棤鏁

Lin Xing, an ordinary person, was bought a “peerless book” on his way home. When he opened the book with full expectation, he felt dizzy for a while, and when he opened his eyes again, he found himself in a strange place. A novel world, and his life has been rewritten since then…

I Can Integrate Everything

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

In a realm governed by the esoteric art of cultivation, only those steadfast in their original aspirations and imbued with unwavering determination can ascend the arduous path to reach the zenith of unparalleled freedom. Enter An Jing, an inconspicuous disciple of the renowned Tianqing Sect. Fortune smiles upon him as he unexpectedly acquires a fusion system, a mystical tool enabling accelerated development.

However, being inherently reserved and averse to the limelight, An Jing opts for subtlety. He quietly progresses in his cultivation while maintaining the unassuming persona of a low-tier disciple, successfully evading any undue attention. Unbeknownst to others in the Tianqing Sect, he employs his newfound abilities to discreetly resolve a multitude of pressing issues that plague the sect. Consequently, whispers of a mysterious individual begin to pervade the corridors of the Tianqing Sect, signaling the inception of a legend.

I Can See the Success Rate

26 episodes 路 ONA Completed

A disillusioned white warrior suddenly acquires the ability to see the success rate of events in the real world. From then on, he transforms into a millionaire and attracts the attention of beautiful women. He uses his success rate to reach the peak of his life

I Can Strike Infinitely

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Wo Keyi Wuxian Bao Ji, I Can Strike Infinitely, I Can Hit Infinitely, W菕 K臎y菒 W煤xi脿n B脿o J墨, 鎴戝彲浠ユ棤闄愭毚鍑

Lin Jing, who came to the fantasy world, faced the predicament of being chased by hostile sects outside, backstabbed by disciples of the same sect inside, and a daughter of a sect who had lost all her cultivation was by her side.
With the blessing of the strike system, everything he does – attack, defense, speed, practice, alchemy, epiphany… can trigger the critical strike effect!
No matter how powerful the enemy is, it can’t stop this most unpretentious crit!

I Changed My Life By Signing In

48 episodes 路 ONA Completed Wo Kao Qian Dao Ni Tian Gai Ming, By Registering My Life Has Been Altered, 鎴戦潬绛惧埌閫嗗ぉ鏀瑰懡

After the male protagonist crossed, he was mistakenly taken in by the Jade Female Sect, which was full of female disciples, and became a nursing home to watch the gate. Favoured by the god-level check-in system, he obtained a magical physique that had never been seen in ancient times: the Spring Heart Divine Body. It is necessary to constantly adjust the girls to obtain welfare stimuli and convert the excitement points into cultivation. The Jade Girl Sect is surrounded by strong enemies and is in danger. In order to protect his own En (NV) people, the male protagonist relies on the super god sign-in system, fights the same way, kills the demon Xiu, fights the alien race, and zhen eight.

I cultivated to become a god in the city

80 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

Mu Chenfeng, a once-in-a-million-year genius in the immortal world, has cultivated to the Immortal Emperor realm in less than a thousand years. After understanding the origin of the Tao body, he has the qualifications to reach higher realms. However, he was besieged and attacked by three immortal emperors. In the end, he escaped with a trace of his soul. The illegitimate son of Blue Star’s downtrodden family. “I asked you, a group of martial arts practitioners, why should you teach me how to become an immortal?” “A great master, American Iai is very good, look at my Ten Thousand Sword Art!”

I Got God Pulse in Beginning,Invincible

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Ao Shi Dan Shen; World Defying Dan God; Transcending Alchemy God; 脌o Sh矛 D膩n Sh茅n; 鍌蹭笘涓圭

Young Shen Xiang had a fateful encounter with a goddess & demoness and received their peerless heritage, divine pulses, ultimate martial arts, and transcendent alchemy techniques, which gave him an easy ride in his journey of cultivation.
When hungry he refines some spirit medicine to eat as snack, when lonely he flirts with goddess, when bored he teases those martial artist who came to beg for spirit medicine, when tired he let his beautiful wives massage him.

I Have a Golden Palace in the End of the World

60 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

Qin Shuang accidentally traveled to the apocalypse, opened the shuttle system in the apocalyptic environment, and traveled back and forth between the modern city and the apocalypse. He successfully evaded the zombies by using his own skills and the abilities given by the system, such as climbing quickly and leveling up. See how Qin Shuang survives in the apocalypse!

I have a mansion in the post-apocalyptic world

56 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

In another world of multidimensional time, will there be suffering? What will mankind do in the face of the apocalypse? Jiang Chen, an unemployed young man, unexpectedly gained the ability to travel back and forth between reality and the parallel world. The suffering of the parallel world made Jiang Chen understand the sense of responsibility of young people. The more he understands this time, the heavier the burden on his shoulders. There are still people who need to be protected and the whole world. The world has become a lifelong pursuit. I was alone when I came here, but when I look back I am no longer a young man. Watch Jiang Chen travel through time and space, clear away the fog, challenge disasters, and brave men stand in the way. An adventure about courage, growth, and responsibility has officially begun…

I Have Million Of Skill Points

60 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing 鎴戞湁鐧句竾鎶鑳界偣

Who said that if you are selected by the system, you will have to work hard for the system? For Su Chen, it is impossible to work part-time, and it is impossible to work for the system in this lifetime. Tasks issued by the system? No answer! Dare the system threaten? beat him! The system knelt down and pleaded: 鈥淗ost father, please have mercy on me, take a task.鈥 Su Chen impatiently said: 鈥淵ou wait until I spend a million skill points!鈥

I Only Practice Forbidden Arts

80 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

Chen Qi, who is immortal, will automatically increase his lifespan every second, but it has no effect in the world of cultivation where the jungle is strong. In order to practice immortal arts, he entered the Luoxian Sect, but unexpectedly joined the Old Disabled Hospital. The four masters were all physically disabled due to practicing forbidden arts, but for Chen Qi, who had a special physique, he was like a fish in water…

I Picked Up Lots of Attributes

Foch Films
16 episodes 路 ONA Completed

Feng Xia, a completely hardworking game player, travels through time and space. With his power, attributes, and strategies learned from the games he played before, he can beat his enemies and get their Light Masses of Attributes. Besides, he also meets all kinds of beauties along his way… His enemies laugh: “My martial arts are invincible!” Feng Xia just beats them and absorbs their Light Masses. “Indeed. But sorry, it’s my martial arts now!”

I played games and became a super strong person

Qingxiang Culture
? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

Introduction: One day in the future, the super virtual reality game [Yuanjie] will be launched. Players can use system bugs to gain game character abilities, and the world will fall into chaos. The male protagonist Liu Yi, who is tolerant but afraid of fighting, was defeated due to lack of ability, but unexpectedly returned to before the game was launched. In order to protect himself and his family, he relied on his past life experiences, started playing the game seriously, and gradually became a peerless person. The path of the strong will ultimately resolve the crisis.

I Rely On Cheat To Hunt Gods

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing I Rely on Cheat to Hunt Gods, Wo Kao Waigua Shoulie Shenming , W菕 K脿o W脿igu脿 Sh貌uli猫 Sh茅nm铆ng, 鎴戦潬澶栨寕鐙╃寧绁炴槑

I Rely On Rewarding Apprentices To Upgrade

80 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

The master is driving the crane west, what should I do if the enemy comes to the door? ! Awaken the apprenticeship rebate system, the more you give to your apprentice, the more you get back to your master! Hahaha, good disciples, hurry up, as a teacher, you never hide your secrets!

I Was Raised By A Female Devil

60 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing 鎴戠珶琚コ榄斿ご璞㈠吇浜

Xu Chen slowly opened his eyes, and was shocked to find that his wife Lin Wanqiu was lying atop of him, with her fingers lightly placed on his belly. She said softly: “Husband, it’s time for you to give birth tonight…” Xu Chen looked at this familiar yet unfamiliar woman, and hurriedly asked, “Who are you?” Lin Wanqiu smiled and said, “Dear, I’m your wife, don’t worry, it won’t hurt too much.” After speaking, Lin Wanqiu gently slit open Xu Chen’s belly.”

I’m a god and a demon, dominating the world

80 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

In the era of all races, in order to compete for more resources, different races fought with each other, and even started a war. In an era of bloodshed and intrigue, as the ancient human race disappeared into the long river of history, a new human race rose up with blood and fought for survival…

Immortal Cultivator Returns To Be A Boss

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

He was the strongest and ruthless emperor in the immortal world, and the immortals at the same level are completely obedient before him. He made the Golden Dragon surrender and took it as a mount, the legendary white tiger became a kitty, the Vermilion Bird became the KFC, slept with the nine heavens’ fairy, did the striptease dance in the Heavenly King’s Palace….. and now, has returned to the city, becoming an ordinary mortal teacher and is talking nonsense with you, that little sister, you dress well, I’m here to teach all of you to be proper human of the society! My Teacher Is a Rebirthed Immortal 淇粰褰掓潵鍦ㄦ牎鍥

Immortal Cultivator Vs Super Powers

52 episodes 路 ONA Completed Cultivator Against Hero Society; Cultivator vs Superhero; Xiuxianzhe Dazhan Chaonengli; Un cultivateur contre la soci茅t茅 des h茅ros; Xiu Xian Zhe Dazhan Chaonengli; 淇粰鑰呭ぇ鎴樿秴鑳藉姏; Immortal Cultivation Against Superpower

Xiu Xian Continent There was a powerful man who accidentally traveled to the modern heroic society. In this tiny earth, there was a fierce confrontation between immortal magic and superpowers.

Immortal Technical College

20 episodes 路 ONA Completed

Jiang Ziya was admitted to a strange school, and his classmates knew all about magic, and the school claimed that they wanted to turn students into immortals! The super-match Loli, who met Jiang Ziya on the way, was chased by the school bully, Lei Zhenzi. This unscientific school is called the Immortal Technical College. Sit and see how Jiang Ziya interpret hilarious campus life!

Immortality [Yong Sheng]

Oriental Creative Color
12 episodes 路 ONA Completed Immortality, 姘哥敓

Fang Han, a humble family slave, held the belief since childhood that "I would rather be a beggar than a slave", and traversed the world by himself. With an unyielding stubbornness, he broke through the mystery of supernatural powers and forged his body into an immortal body. Work hard to step into the fairyland step by step, and eventually become the peak king.

(Source: bilibili)

Invasion Of The Immortal Emperor

40 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Xiandi Ruqin

The miserable strange man reborn into a sect full of sister papers. He originally thought that he could spend the rest of his life with the sister papers, but he was accompanied by countless blood. Rainy wind. The rubbish bloodline in the eyes of others, the abandoned son of the family, is destined to be a waste of nothing for a lifetime. In order to prove himself, get back what he lost, and protect his loved ones, he embarked on a road full of thorns鈥tars move and fight, everything is unified, a generation of the best immortal emperor finally arrives, he stands on the top of the mainland, Become the most dazzling existence in tens of thousands of years!

It Starts With The Confession To The Beauty Master

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing It Starts With The Destiny System, 寮灞琛ㄧ櫧缇庡コ甯堝皧, Starting With Confessing With the Beautiful Teacher, It Starts With The Confession To The Beauty Master

If he fails to confess his love to his beautiful master, he鈥檒l turn into a dog? Zhang Yi obtained the Destiny System and awakened the Supreme Holy Body. As long as he鈥檚 able win the heart of the beauties in his harem, he鈥檒l be able to get stronger! A cold master, a charming female Taoist senior, a cute junior sister, a sickly princess, and a pure saint鈥 In the face of thousands of beauties, Zhang Yi has no interest in love: Let me go! This is not the destiny system, it鈥檚 clearly a system that will cost my life

It turns out that I am the ancestor of the devil

80 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

Yuntian, a master of a generation, died due to exhaustion of his lifespan. The eight sacred areas, which claimed to be righteous, learned that Yuntian’s end was approaching, and they all came to the mountain gates one after another. At the critical moment, a time traveler with the same name as Yuntian penetrates into the body with his own system soul, and begins the difficult journey of punishing rape, eradicating evil, and promoting the right path. Yuntian earned points by completing system tasks, and used the points to exchange for longevity. He led the six disciples step by step to regain the secret treasures and inheritance that belonged to their clan, and uncovered the obscure past in the dark corners of the Eight Realms bit by bit. With his peak strength and justice, Yuntian Under the soul, all the conspiracies and mysteries shattered into pieces of dawn.

It turns out that I am the boss of the fairy world

20 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

Courier Li Xianzun lives in a world where spiritual energy is revived. During the delivery, he accidentally damaged a courier. When he went to apologize in panic, he was preyed upon by a monster, and was involved in a showdown between modern forces and spiritual monsters. When he thought he was about to be killed, he didn’t expect that both the powerful masters of the demon world and modern cultivators would suddenly treat him with respect and awe, and longed to become Li Xianzun’s disciple or follower. The reasons for all this seemed to have been played by him. Related to an online game. It turns out that the spiritual energy of this world has revived because of the connection between the real world and Tianyan Continent, and Li Xianzun is the Taibai Immortal in Tianyan Continent. But Li Xianzun didn’t know it, and he lived an ordinary life willingly and contentedly.

Keep A Low Profile, Sect Leader

24 episodes 路 ONA Completed Zhangmen Di Diao Dian

Can’t believe I’ve become a useless sect leader after traveling to the Heavenly Mystery World! Once, I was the kind who would spend excessive money on video games. Now I was reborn in a game world. Here, I made the other players my subordinates, and made the main character my disciple! I’m the No.1 poser in the world!

Law of the Devil

CG Year
24 episodes 路 ONA Completed Emo Faze

In Roland Continent, heroes and magic apprentices gather together to face the gods. On the Magic Continent, it is prophesied that the thousand-year prosperity of the Roland Empire is about to collapse, and a chosen person will turn the tide just like Aragorn, the founding emperor who founded the Roland Empire a thousand years ago. Du Wei, the eldest son of the imperial general Count Du Lei, was in frail health and was sent back to Luolin Plain by his family. He accidentally crashed into a desert island and made a deal with the devil’s servant, gaining infinite power. A legendary journey to become a king begins…

Lean on rich beauty

78 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing To cultivate immortality, you need to hug your thighs ,My Journey as an Emperor's Disciple, Hugging Thighs for Immortality

The protagonist Lin Xuan traveled to the world of immortal cultivation and was despised by everyone because of his mediocre qualifications. However, he was accepted as the only disciple by the beautiful Immortal Emperor with unparalleled appearance and unfathomable strength. With his own efforts and the billions of resources given by his master, Lin Xuan started his journey of cultivating immortality by eating ancient dragon meat, drinking unlimited spiritual liquid, entering peerless secret realms, and practicing god-level skills every day. In the process of growing up, Lin Xuan gradually discovered the hidden true identity of his master, and there were unexpected reasons behind her different treatment of him.

Legend of Assassin [Tales Of Dark River]

Youku Animation
26 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Legend of Assassin, 鏆楁渤浼,Anhe Zhuan

Dark River, the most mysterious killer organization in Jianghu, is composed of Su, Xie, and Mu families, and the highest leader of the three families is called the patriarch. Everyone鈥檚 elders are poisoned, and their lives are at stake. After hearing the news, the three forces of the Underworld took the opportunity to launch a rebellion. Su Muyu, as the leader of the patriarch鈥檚 guard group, Spider Shadow, recruited Bai Hehuai, a genius doctor from Medicine King Valley, to heal the patriarch, and at the same time repelled various killers to protect the patriarch Zhouquan. At this time, his good friend Su Changhe in the dark river joined the assassination of the head of the family on behalf of the Su family.

Legend of the Supreme Soldier

Mili Pictures
26 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Shi Shi Chuanshuo

Ye Chong was a denizen of Trash Planet-12. On one fateful day, he discovered a treasure that would forever alter his destiny from a pile of junk 鈥 Mu Shang, an unknown machine with artificial intelligence and a lost memory. Together, they venture into the vast galaxy as the isolated 鈥渃aveman鈥 that was Ye Chong began absorbing all sorts of knowledge and meeting people from all walks of life. He gradually discovers more and more about his own mysterious past as well as his partner鈥檚.

Lord of all lords

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

The young man Luo Lie was accidentally selected and summoned to another world to live in another person’s identity. In the foreign world, large and small forces are divided, and murderous intentions are hidden everywhere. Luo Lie, who was yearning for homesickness, relied on his tenacity and the mysterious ability gained during soul travel to overcome many difficulties in the treacherous situation, break through his own limits, and become famous. However, dangerous predicaments and treacherous schemes pressed on him step by step. With the help of his childhood sweetheart, Luo Lie, who had no intention of becoming a hero, unexpectedly embarked on a heroic path. What awaited him ahead was an abyss of destruction. Or is it the light that clears the clouds?

Make Money To Be King

Suoyi technology
61 episodes 路 ONA Completed Wo Kao Chongzhi Dang Wudi

The earth’s energy was depleted, Lin Yi changed his destiny and participated in the “Lingshen Continent” game closed beta, but he lost his memory due to a system failure and was trapped in the game. Plug-in, inexplicably embarked on the cultivation path, the only fly in the ointment is that this system is a bit of a waste of spirits. Cultivation progress is too slow? The exercises are not powerful enough? Weapons too weak? Simple, as long as there are enough spirit stones, any problem can be solved! In this way, relying on the blessing of the sky-defying system, Lin Yi crushed the whole way like a broken bamboo, several times in danger, rescued the mysterious girl Mo Baixue, broke through the army formation of armored soldiers, and defeated the huge boss who condensed the cold jade – guard the tomb. Beast, pass the test of demons… This continent seems peaceful, but in fact it is full of dangers. Lin Yigeng met Zhou Buzheng, who wanted to be his younger brother in danger, and Ji Yunyu, the ice cube-faced who didn’t know each other. The mysterious old man Shangguan Hong, who only served roast chicken, has a long way to go. When Lin Yi relies on the system to be invincible, he is kidnapped by the beautiful royal sister Wu Tian and goes deep into the underground tomb to explore…

Martial God Asura

Original Force, Rocen
? episodes 路 ONA Completed Xiuluo Wu Shen,Martial God Asura, 淇綏姝︾

One night, a mysterious and unexplained phenomenon occurs in the nine provinces. Five years later Chu Feng, a regular outer disciple of the Azure Dragon School, awakens one of the mysterious nine lightning beasts. And discovers an egg sealed inside him. From there we follow Chu Feng on his path of cultivation.

(Source: Novel Updates)

Martial God Stream

Ruo Hong Culture
48 episodes 路 ONA Completed Xian Wu Cangqiong,Martial God Stream, 浠欐鑻嶇┕

There are many dynasties in Yongxian Continent . In order to strengthen their bodies and prolong their lives, people here have always maintained the tradition of immortal martial arts practitioners. Once the practitioners reach the peak of martial arts, they will inquire about the immortal way. Wu Yu, a young man, suffered a misfortune when he was young. He changed his name and surname, but he was still wiped out, but he was unexpectedly reborn as a teenager. Foreseeing that his family was about to fall, in order to protect his family and relatives, Su Yu decided to work hard and practice the secrets of the immortal sect learned in his previous life. After going through hardships, in order to end the tragedy and find the truth about the injustice of his grandfather’s family, he kept running and changing his destiny step by step

Martial Universe Season 1-3

Motion Magic
36 episodes 路 ONA Completed Martial Universe, Martial Movement Upheaval, Earth-Shattering Martial Arts, 姝﹀姩涔惧潳

The Great Yan Empire exists in a world where respect can only be earned through strength. Within this Great Yan Empire, the four great clans have always stood above the rest. Among them, a particular incident in the Lin Clan resulted in the banishment of a certain individual who went on to start his own family, in hopes of one day being recognized again by the Lin Clan, and rejoining them…

Hailing from a banished family of the Great Lin Clan, when Lin Dong was very young, he watched, powerless, as his talented father was easily crushed and crippled by the overwhelming genius of the great Lin Clan, Lin Langtian.

With a despairing father, a heartbroken grandfather, and a suffering family, ever since that fateful day, Lin Dong has been driven by a deep purpose; to take revenge on the man who had taken everything and more from his family.

Armed with nothing but willpower and determination, join Lin Dong as he unknowingly discovers a destiny greater than he could ever hope to imagine when he stumbles upon a mysterious stone talisman…

(Source: Novel Updates)

Master of Ten Thousand Paths

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Wan Dao Zhu Zai,Master of Ten Thousand Paths,Master of Ten Thousands Dao,W脿n D脿o Zh菙 Z菐i , 涓囬亾涓诲

Ling Xiao of the Eastern Tang Dynasty was unable to cultivate because of the enlightenment species prepared for him by his father.
At the age of 18, Ling Xiao was awakened to Taoism by Wei Juntian who asked for trouble.
He encountered two powerful enemies, Raging Yang Sect and Dragon Phoenix Palace in Guizhou, Eastern Tang Dynasty.
Ling Xiao entered Yanzhou from Guizhou and learned from the aunt that the father was not an ordinary person, and that he also had a mission he should undertake.
Ling Xiao became the Child of Destiny in the battle for luck in the Yanhuang Realm, and successfully obtained the qualification to enter the Three Thousand Worlds.
Ling Xiao found the father in Three Thousand Worlds and took over the responsibility of the father against Tian Yuan.

Mastery in recovery spells and suddenly invincible

40 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

Doctor Ling Fan traveled through the world of immortality. Because his qualifications for cultivation were extremely poor, he did not adopt the traditional cultivation and promotion process. Instead, he went in the opposite direction and studied the recovery spell in depth. After repeated experiments, he finally mastered the recovery spell, but found that the recovery spell After mastering it to the extreme, you have achieved enlightenment and you are suddenly invincible. The entire world of cultivating immortals, and even the original power structure of the spiritual and immortal worlds in the upper world, will be overturned by Ling Fan.

Matchless Emperor

140 episodes 路 TV Ongoing Gai Shi Di, 鐩栦笘甯濆皧

In ancient times there were chaos every where, the saints fought for harmony. In a Small town Of Qinzhou. There is a Academy Qingshang, A Good for nothing Dao Ling. One day when he was Abandoned and Murdered by his childhood sweetheart. In that point he got a Blessing in disguise and Awakened a heaven Defying Technique devouring the Sky. By Relying On the Ability of Devouring the Sky. Then he becomes A Genius which Unparalleled Physical body Strength and Cultivation begins To Rise. However things aren鈥檛 that Simple, Dao Ling is Getting Closer and Closer To the Reality of The World as he grows. And the mystery of his own Life is Also begun to Become Clear. Many Secrets were Revealed, how will The young Dao Ling Will the These Strong Enemies how Can a young man turned the tide and survives from this unbelievable Situation.

Million Times Attack Speed

60 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Million Times Attack Speed, 1 Million Times the Attack Speed, 鎴戞湁鐧句竾鍊嶆敾閫

After being reincarnated into the Tianwu Continent, Ye Yun activated the Multiverse Devouring System and received the reward of a million times attack speed in the beginner鈥檚 gift package. From then on, he became an invincible powerhouse! As the saying goes, in the world of martial arts, speed is paramount. Do you think I was just picking my nose and cleaning my ears? In fact, I just executed thirty-five thousand people with a single sword strike and eighty-seven thousand people with a single sword swing , while also unleashing various boxing techniques and secret arts.

My Disciples Are All Big Villains

Xiaoming Taiji
? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Wo De Tudi Dou Shi Da Fanpai

When Lu Zhou wakes up one morning, he finds himself in a rather prickly situation. He has become the most powerful and the oldest villain in the world. He has nine disciples, each of whom has a full record of misdeeds. His first disciple is the head of the Nether Sect, served by thousands of followers. Known as the Sword Demon, his second disciple kills anyone who displeases him. Having lost his powers, how is he going to discipline his wicked disciples? 鈥淚 make a clean sweep of all obstacles wherever I go. Nobody can walk all over me except my master,鈥 says Yu Zhenghai, his first disciple. 鈥淚 can鈥檛 rest easy until my master is dead,鈥 says Si Wuya, his seventh disciple.

My Disciples Are All Over The World

Ruo Hong Culture
130 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

Lu Chen, an immortal, was trapped in the Chaos Realm for many years, when he awoke again he discovered a whole different world. The old continent shattered into countless pieces, the north and south poles reversed, the heavenly suns went from nine to one, the wild beasts vanished, and the humans, who had only one. small wild country a long time ago, have spread all over the world. A mangy dog he鈥檇 picked up in the past turned out to be the ruler of a kingdom, and a little girl he kindly adopted turned out to be an immortal 鈥

My Disciples Are Super Gods

36 episodes 路 ONA Completed Wo de Dizi Dou Chao Shen

Ye Yang, the game tester of the game company, crossed with the account of 鈥渇ull profession and maxed skill-set鈥! The life of a patriarch of man level sword master + immortal cultivator + magician starts. The headache is that a group of beautiful disciples advise him to improve every day.

Myriad Realm Supreme

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Wan Jie Zhizun, The Emperor of Myriad Realms

Seven years ago, Chu Yunfei was struck by a dramatic change in his family and was stranded in the Pill King Valley in Zhongzhou. He returned to his homeland to take revenge and vowed to find out the truth.

Mysterious Treasures

Dancing CG Studio
? episodes 路 ONA Completed Mysterious Treasures,Shen Cang,Collecting the Divine

Modern-day Daoist Fang Yi wakes up one day with a superpower鈥攖he ability to sense antiques and artifacts! From there, he becomes an artifact-collecting wonder. Countless treasures all become his, and he leads his band of brothers on a journey to the very peak of life!

Nine Heavens Emperor God

40 episodes 路 ONA Completed

Three thousand years ago, Jiang Chen became a god and became a god, but he fell unexpectedly. Three thousand years later, mysterious light descended from the sky, the god statue collapsed, and Jiang Chen鈥檚 soul penetrated into the disciples of waste wood and returned from the ruins and ruins! Jiang Chen and his disciples rose up from the ruins, not afraid of power, fighting the sky and the earth, starting to redeem themselves, and uttering the strongest voice of domineering: When I return to Jiuxiao, I will open the sky with divine blood!

One Hundred Thousand Years of Qi Refining

160 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Lian Qi Shi Wan Nian,One Hundred Thousand Years of Qi Refining, 鐐兼皵鍗佷竾骞

One hundred thousand years ago, he was the founding disciple of the Tianlan Sect, his master ascended to the top, and he was refining Qi. Ninety thousand years ago, his martial nephew ascended, and he was refining Qi. Fifty thousand years ago, the old dog who was the gatekeeper of Tianlanzong also ascended, and he was still refining Qi. Thirty thousand years ago, the old tree at the foot of the mountain also became a demon, and he was still refining Qi before he could pass the catastrophe. Ten thousand years ago, Zhang Wuji, the 9872nd generation disciple of Tianlanzong, also ascended, and Xu Yang silently refined Qi. He retreated for 10,000 years, and finally, he broke through the 9999th floor of the Qi refining period! Ten thousand years later, he broke through and came out!

One Step Toward Freedom

380 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Dubu Xiaoyao,One Step Toward Freedom, 鐙閫嶉仴

The universe is vast, producing countless types of life forms. These life forms form all kinds of souls. All races and spirits have different races and different beliefs, but the same is the extravagant hope for Taoism. Any living beings are dusted with Dao heart, they are not willing to do this, they become powerful and even live forever by enlightening Dao through practice. The Avenue of Heaven and Earth is like luck, where the able live. The road to the great road is the road to struggle for the road, which has caused the struggle of all races and souls. An era can only support a few people to gain the Tao. Those who have attained the Tao think that standing on the top of the world, they can be free in the future. But I found that even Dao. It’s also hard to escape bad luck. There is a ruler above them, harvesting one era after another, and the cultivators of the world want to maintain their ambitions. Ten thousand races and all spirits are just nourished by these rulers. These masters harvest the Taoists, harvest the spirituality of each world, and destroy one by one. The Taoists in the past were unwilling to be reaped and resisted constantly, but failed every time. Until… the protagonist Ye Yu appeared, he peeled away one time and one secret. As he unfolded an epic picture scroll, in this magnificent world, he continued to grow, experience love and friendship, cleanse the dusted Taoist heart, and finally confront the master who harvests all races.


Opening Awakening Favorability System

60 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing 寮灞瑙夐啋濂芥劅搴︾郴缁 / Awakening The Favorability System / Kh峄焛 膼岷 B岷眓g Th峄ヽ T峄塶h H峄 Th峄憂g 膼峄 H岷 C岷

鈥淪ince the day I was born, I have known that I was born extraordinary鈥-Lin Fan. The vision of heaven and earth, the universe reversed, on this day, Lin Fan was born, became the emperor of Tianmen, and was included in the family by the founding ancestor of Tianmen. Everything is carried out in accordance with the most standard path of the son of Heaven and the protagonist鈥 However, in an ordinary explosion that could no longer be ordinary, an accident happened鈥in Fan鈥檚 memory has awakened! he! Crossing? system? Favorability? upgrade? Lin Fan suddenly woke up, and with the 鈥渉elp鈥 of the system, he selected the first confession object-the ancestor of Tianmen. So, in the forbidden land of the Heavenly Gate, the ancestor of the Heavenly Gate who broke his love and strictly forbade the disciples in the gate to talk about love, looked at the love letter in his hand from the most talented disciple under the seat, and fell into contemplation. The ancestor sat quietly for a long time and slowly exhaled: Out of the gate!

Otherworldly Evil Monarch

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Yi Ren Jun Moye

The invincible super-agent Jun Xie accidentally travels through time and space to Xuanxuan Continent, where he becomes the useless and foppish Jun Moxie who lives on borrowed time and whose family is in deep trouble. However, inside Jun Moxie’s body is Jun Xie’s heart. Jun Xie believes that he has no match both in Heaven and on Earth, and determines to fight against evils and become a legend.

Passive Invincible From the Start

50 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Kaiju Beidong Wudi , Passive Invincibility at the Start, Passive Invincible From the Start, 寮灞琚姩鏃犳晫

What if the monster is too strong to defeat? Don鈥檛 worry, passively resisting fire ring, automatically bounce the monster, you can never hurt me! What should I do if I get ridiculed and defamed? Don鈥檛 worry, the passive Zaun quotes are dirty, and there are many people who have been scolded by me. What if your teammates are too weak to win? Don鈥檛 worry, passively strengthening halo, and teammates will always stay under my crotch for output. The stable boy Meng Fan, accidentally traversed to the monster world and opened the passive system!

Peak of Martial Arts

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

The journey to the martial peak is a lonely, solitary and long one. In the face of adversity, you must survive and remain unyielding. Only then can you break through and continue on your journey to become the strongest. High Heaven Pavilion tests its disciples in the harshest ways to prepare them for this journey. One day the lowly sweeper Kai Yang managed to obtain a black book, setting him on the road to the peak of the martials world. This novel was placed in the top 10 of China鈥檚 most read phone novels. With around 50 million views it topped the June charts in 2014 and remains one the most read online phone novels. It is still not over and as of July 2015 remained in the top charts.

Peerless Alchemy God

60 episodes 路 ONA Completed

I, Qin Feng, the alchemy God, died in order to save the people of the world, but I never expected to open my eyes and be reborn to a world 100,000 years ago. Am I only capable of refining pills as a alchemy God? No! In this life, I will cultivate both alchemy and martial arts, break through adversity, and restore my family鈥檚 glory! Watch me use my memories from the past 100,000 years to create a different path to becoming a god! Reborn once again, I must go against fate and reach the pinnacle!鈥

Peerless Killing God

Shanghai Ake Culture
80 episodes 路 TV Ongoing

Immemorial supernatural powers have shocked the world through the ages. The invincible golden body suppresses all gods and demons. The evil spirit’s frenzied sword cut all the sky. A young man from a poor family possesses outrageous and horrific combat power. With his own power, he can kill hundreds of thousands of miles and dominate the world

Rebirth I’m the Great God Season 1&2

120 episodes 路 ONA Completed Chongsheng Zhi Wo Shi Da Tian Shen, Reborn To Be A Great God, The Great God of Rebirth

Rebirth as The Great Celestial
The Celestial Emperor Welkin, also known as 鈥淟in Haotian鈥, is a genius never heard of in a million years. He was killed by the mass because he has threatened the status of many celestial greats. In his final moment, he managed to break the shackles of time and space and rebirth into his time as a teenager. This time, he shall rewrite his life and reclaim his spot at the top of the Universe.

Rebirth of the Strongest Urban City Deity

52 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Chong Shen Du Shi Tian Zun

WuJi, a deity from the realm of cultivation, used the fate-changing skill, just to return to the city! This time, he is going to right his wrongs and make up for all the regret he had in his previous life. Wealth, strength, beauty! It is all in his hands now!The Promise of the Immortal World, reversing the Zongmen to Gaoxian Law, only to return to the city! This time, he changed his former mistakes and made up for all the regrets of his previous life. Wealth, strength, beauty! It is in his hands!

Rebirth of the Urban Immortal

Qingxiang Culture
30 episodes 路 ONA Completed

During the catastrophe period, the great monk Chen Fan fell into the catastrophe, but he returned to his youth on earth. In the last life, I climbed to the top of the universe and overlooked the world, but I was not accompanied by anyone. In this life, I only wish to live up to my past and my lord.
Popular version: The story of a five-hundred-year-old cultivator who was reborn in the city during the catastrophe period, made up for his regrets, play pig eat tiger.

Return Of the Immortal Emperor

45 episodes 路 ONA Completed Xian Di Gui Lai

Three years ago, Yun Qing Yan accidentally fell into the Immortal Realm from the Mortal Realm. After three thousand years, he became the great Emperor Yun of the Immortal Realm. Breaking through the barrier between the two realms, he discovered that only three years had passed. “Before, I was too weak to protect my loved ones. Now, I’ll make the whole world bow before me.”

Return of Tianyuan: I am a natural disaster

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

Return of Tianyuan: I am a natural disaster
I rise from the abyss of heaven and vow to be a god in this world!
The Immortal Emperor family was wiped out overnight, and the young master Li Chen was thrown into the most mysterious and dangerous abyss! Eight years later, he broke out of the abyss, with the empress in his left hand and the gods and demons in his right hand. Everywhere he went was destroyed, and everyone trembled wherever he went.

Rise From The Rubble

150 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing 浠庢湯涓栧礇璧,I Rise Alone

10 years after the meteorite hit earth, S starts to face Monsters that they have never seen before, Zuo fan, had a title [ traitor鈥檚 child ],among all of the level 1 star Warrior the most useless one escaped, he awaken in a scheme plot by someone while hunting the monsters on the battlefield, he awakened a system! Since then he started to walk on the path to find the reason and truth behind his father being a traitor, gradually his path changed to saving the world

Shenlong Star Lord

Ruo Hong Culture
? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

Gu Zhengfeng was originally the divine dragon that guarded the Dragon Star. He was seriously injured in an ancient battle with alien enemies and fell into a long sleep. Time flies, Gu Zhengfeng wakes up again and finds that the Shenlong Star has long changed, and the Shenlong that was once revered has become an evil dragon in people’s mouth. In order to investigate the truth and retrieve the treasure hidden in the Dragon King Academy, Gu Zhengfeng He transformed into a human form and entered the Dragon King Academy as a tutor, but accidentally became a teacher of the Dragon Slaying Department. For this reason, Gu Zhengfeng taught the students carefully while working hard to find the treasure. After several investigations, Gu Zhengfeng discovered the knowledge of the Dragon King’s treasure. Everyone has passed away, and the only clue now may be in the hands of Vice Dean Ye

Shentian Supreme

50 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

The strongest demon king was useless because his human bloodline was squeezed out and assassinated. He was killed by the five allied forces. His wife Mo Wen also died because of him. When he was about to die, Wu Wu understood the laws of heaven and earth, received the “Soul of the Absolute Beginning” as a gift from heaven, and was successfully resurrected. He went to the human world to find the whereabouts of his human mother, killed Ye Hen, the head of the Ye family who wanted to seize her mother’s soul, and saved Mo Wen’s reincarnation in the human world. Wuyou tracked down the human race and found out that behind the five races joining forces to assassinate him, there was hidden the vicious plan of the ascended human race against him. The invincible Wuwu finally thwarted the Ascension Power’s plan to kill him, and together with Mo Wen embarked on a grand journey to unify the five races, fight against the Immortal Race, and create the God Race.

Sign in with Star-Blasting Punch

Sparkly Key Animation Studio
60 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing "Sign in for 30 Days Be Invincible with One Punch

Animation “Sign in for 30 Days, Be Invincible with One Punch”: Invasion from another world, 10,000 people are selected to enter the secret realm, fight monsters, live broadcast around the world. Except for Chu Mo, everyone else is an immortal cultivator with special abilities. Chu Mo relied on the sign-in system and tenacity to gain the power of monsters and combat experience, and gradually rose from an ordinary person. Sign in for 30 days and watch “One Punch Invincible” online. If you like “Sign in for 30 Days, Be Invincible with One Punch” remember to watch it online on

Sleeping for Eternity: Being Born and Pushing All Heavens

60 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

One hundred thousand years ago, Ren Xing, who had been secretly planning for eternity, was betrayed by the six source gods he had cultivated at the moment when he was about to destroy the dark turmoil. After his body was crippled, he was imprisoned in the realm of despair. Twenty thousand years later, the eight great emperors The strong man forcibly rescued Ren Xing’s body at the cost of his death and hid it for 80,000 years. Eighty thousand years later, Ren Xing woke up. He used the eternal plan to give birth to his last son in this life, and embarked on a road to conquer the heavens!

Son-In-Law Through The Ages

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

The 30,000 states under the sky share the same respect for the Chaoge, but there are many vassals and sects all over the world, each with their own agenda. Xu Wou Zhou, the son-in-law of the Qin family in Lin’an City, accidentally obtains the precious weapon “Reincarnation Bowl”, and continues to devour the metal to strengthen himself, and hides in the shadows to help the Qin family to survive the crisis and redeem his bad impression in the Qin family. But when the Jixia Academy forcibly accepts Xu Wouzhou’s wife as its disciple, Xu Wouzhou resolutely joins the downtrodden Dao Sect in order to get his wife back. However, at this time, although the Taoist sect is nominally the leader of the world’s Taoist sects, the world’s Taoist sects no longer respect it as the world’s common master. Xu Wou Zhou inexplicably takes on the important task of revitalizing the Taoist sect ……

Spirit Master

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Yu Ling Shi

Popular cartoonist because of a mysterious phone through to their own cartoon world, in the magical world of human and spirit coexistence, the incarnation of bald-headed supporting actor Wang Xiaoming and his companions embark on an adventure story.

Spirit Sword Sovereign Season 1-3

100 episodes 路 ONA Completed Spirit Sword Sovereign, 鐏靛墤灏

A big dream and a young man determined to change the status quo and work hard to create a new world. The rare and precious treasures, the martial arts, and the lost strong caves, in this era of genius, full of challenges and opportunities. See the adventure of how the Lord lost the mainland and became the supreme Emperor of the storm. The former enemy, now, will never let go! The regret in the dream, now, must make up! When the spirit sword shouts, the heavens and the earth, I am the supreme!

(Source: Anilist)

Spiritual Lord Of Chaos

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing honghuang ling zun

Above mortals, the path of immortality is prosperous. In this world of cultivating immortals and practicing Taoism, the first thing that ranks among Chang Xin is money. Chu Tian, a poor student of Tianfeng Academy, inherited a huge fortune of tens of billions, thus starting a period of “spending money”. “Journey”, Chutian Benmei bought a top-notch mansion based on the principle of “not wasting social resources”, equipped it with the best equipment, monopolized Tianfeng City’s high-end boutique elixirs and talismans, lived a life of spending money like water, and truly achieved the goal of treating money like dirt. Superego state. But at this time, under the calm surface of Tianfeng City, an undercurrent surged, and the dark forces in the city’s wolfish ambitions to dominate the world were clearly exposed. Soon Chutian was targeted by the dark forces and developed a hatred for it, and was hunted down by the dark forces.

Stellar Transformation Season 1 To 5

Foch Films
80 episodes 路 ONA Completed Xing Chen Bian, Legend of Immortals, Stellar Transformation, 鏄熻景鍙

Having problems with his meridians and thus rendered incapable of practicing the internal arts, Qin Yu lives in seclusion with Grandfather Lian. To cheer up a depressed Qin Yu, Lian gifts him a peculiar bird, which the former names Xiao Hei.

Wanting to be recognized by his father, Qin Yu embarks on the path of cultivation. With Zhao Yunxing's rigorous training method, he strives to overcome his physiological hindrance and become an expert in the external arts. While resting from one such training session, Qin Yu discovers a red crystal that, to his surprise, fuses with his body. Unbeknownst to him, this subtle transformation gives Qin Yu astounding abilities that will aid him as he sets out, with Xiao Hei in tow, to prove that he is worthy of his father's acknowledgement.

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Super Wechat

58 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Chaoji Weixin

After graduation, Chu Tianlin became out of work, but accidentally, there was a variation in his mobile We-chat. After that, tremendous changes were found in his life. He could buy any celestial tools as he pleased and choose any way to upgrade! Let鈥檚 see how he鈥檒l change his destiny!

Supreme Demon Season 1-4

165 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

Adapted from the original work of Internet master Woben Chunchuqing, the work tells the story of the male protagonist Yao Yue, who is the illegitimate son of the Yao family, a political family in the Yaoyang Imperial City. What’s even more unfortunate is that Yao Yue is still a fool. But he became a victim of the alliance and marriage between big families. This incident once became the biggest joke in Yaoyang Imperial City. Due to a dispute over the interests of a wealthy family, Yao Mo was framed and almost died in the forbidden land of the Demon Abyss. However, by chance, he was transformed by the blood of the ancient Demon Emperor. From then on, his life completely changed. Suppress the alien race, lead all monsters, and revitalize the human race on the road to supremacy. Next, he fought his way through the battle missions arranged by various royal academies, using weak attacks and strong attacks, and became a top figure among the younger generation.

Supreme God Emperor

Ruo Hong Culture
? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Wu Shang Shen Di,Supreme God Emperor, 鏃犱笂绁炲笣

Ten thousand years ago, the fairy king Muyun was plotted against for possessing the Zhuxian map. After sleeping for thousands of years, his remnant soul awakened on the body of the famous “Trash Muyun” of the Nanyun Empire in the Tianyun Continent. When Muyun first woke up, he was deliberately made things difficult by the student Miaoxianyu. Muyun easily resolved the trap of Miaoxianyu, and told more alchemy techniques by analogy, so that the alchemy master outside the door Mo Wen appreciated it endlessly. Back home, Mu Yun learned the news that he was going to be married to Miss Qin Mengxuan. Qin Mengyao suffers from cold and poison, and will not live to be twenty years old. The marriage is only for the benefit of the Mu family and the Qin family. But under Mu Linchen’s persuasion, Mu Yun agreed to the marriage on the condition of alchemy. After refining the Bone Tempering Pill, Mu Yun’s cultivation improved for the first time. Mo Wen often came to Muyun for advice, and Qin Shiyu always wanted to ask Mo Wen to treat his granddaughter Qin Mengyao. Mo Wen hinted to let Muyun have a try, and Muyun accidentally awakened the Zhu Xiantu in his body, and learned that Qin Mengyao’s body was not cold poison, but the spirit of the ice phoenix. Mu Yun healed Qin Mengyao, and the power of the Ice Phoenix Spirit made Qin Mengyao’s cultivation improve by leaps and bounds. After seeing Muyun’s ability, Qin Mengxuan was full of curiosity and interest in Making cloud, so he became a tutor at Beiyun College, teaching the same class as Muyun. But Dongfang Yu, who failed to pursue Qin Mengyao, was jealous and hated, and vowed to be incompatible with Mu Yun. Muyun used the Zhuxian Tu to break through his cultivation and went to the Beiyun Mountains to practice. Miaoxianyu insisted on going with him. On the way, Muyun hunted and killed more than a dozen purple-haired wolves by himself, which shocked Miaoxianyu. And the four evil spirits of Liushan who were assigned to the assassination screen movement followed all the way, taking advantage of Muyun’s loss of strength, they showed up one after another and prepared to attack Muyun.

Supreme Godly System

Qingxiang Culture
20 episodes 路 ONA Completed Zhizun Shen Ji Xitong,Extreme God System,Supreme Godly System

After crossing over to another dimension, a young man from Earth gets help from a system that gives him all kinds of information about everything taking place in his new world.With so much knowledge at his fingertips, he seizes the opportunity to rise to the top! He cultivates incredibly powerful abilities and martial arts techniques that defy heaven itself! He also obtains all sorts of treasures, including miraculous medicinal pills and divine weapons that even the gods would fear! With all of this in his hands, the young man from Earth shall reign supreme!

Supreme Master of Martial Arts

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Wu dao du zun, 姝﹂亾鐙皧,Martial Arts Reigns

Ye Ming, the rising star of Family Ye is regarded as a genius among his peer cultivators. But he was schemed by his jealous cousin and the latter cut his meridians, crippled his abilities and hamstrung him ruthlessly. But Ye Ming never gives up because he鈥檇 sacrifice everything for take revenge for his deceased parents who were murdered by Family Huang. But he doesn鈥檛 know that he is considered a pain in the neck to Family Ye and a big conspiracy is looming out of the darkness

Supreme Ocular Master: The Peerless Heiress

24 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Zhizun Tongshushi: Jueshi Daxiaojie

Luo Qingtong, a young lady from the 24th century who ranked first among those with superpowers, miraculously transmigrated into a different world. There, she begins her journey of vengeance as the crippled, oldest daughter of a duke from the lower kingdoms, where villains line up to get face-slapped and scumbags and manipulative bitches wait to get tortured!

An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. She’ll exterminate anyone who offends her! All is going well… but then she accidentally gets involved with a man of peerless beauty, whom she attempts to flirt with whenever she’s unable to win against him in a fight. From there on, it becomes a story about their romantic pursuits…”

Supreme Saint’s Love Debts Season 1 and 2

45 episodes 路 ONA Completed Too Much Love Debt Before Invincibility; Before Being Invincible, There Were Too Many Love Debts

After a desperate struggle, Supreme Saint Ling Yunfeng along with a team with determined beliefs have finally restored order to the world. I was just about to enjoy the hard-won peace, but suddenly discovered that before the struggle, he actually forged a lot of love debts and had children. It’s time to pay it back! The supreme saint, who is a single dog and has no experience in raising children. The Supreme Saint has to fight in this new battlefield!

Swallow an Immortal World

60 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

“In his new life, he will return to the lord realm and kill all the enemies! With his unique gift, he can swallow the heaven and earth, even the whole world!”

The strongest of the lord realm, Lord Xiao, was betrayed by his best friends and died as a sacrifice in the death formation. Ten thousand years later, the soul of Lord Xiao was reborn with a new body. The magical blood was stolen, the Heavenly Palace had a new lord, even his beloved wife was nowhere to find. Anger engulfs him. In his new life, he will return to the lord realm and kill all the enemies! With his unique gift, he can swallow the heaven and earth, even the whole world!

Swallowed Star Season 1-3

Sparkly Key Animation Studio
85 episodes 路 ONA Completed Swallowed Star, 鍚炲櫖鏄熺┖

One day, an unknown RR virus appeared on earth, and the world fell into disaster. Infected animals mutate into frightening and massively attacking monsters. When humans face destruction, they build walls and build base cities as the last bastion of man. The trials experienced by mankind during this period of time are called the "Period of Nirvana." In extreme living environments, human power is also gradually advancing and evolving, and martial arts are emerging, and human power is qualitatively increasing compared to before. And the best of them is called the Warriors. Luo Feng, 18, also aspires to be one of them. Currently, she will take the college entrance exam and face a choice at a crossroads in her life, but suddenly a monster attack affects the trajectory of her life. Under the threat of powerful monsters, the inhabitants of the city are in danger, but the military is powerless. Only one soldier stood up and maintained the security of the base city. Luo Feng is infected by a warrior force, and secretly he decides to become a fighter to protect his loved ones. This is the beginning of everything, the starting point of Luo Feng's journey as a martial artist, and also the beginning of his legendary life. Luo Feng aspires to be a martial artist, but the road ahead is not smooth. The first thing he has to deal with is the influence of the outside environment that is not visible to him. Luo Feng's family's condition was alarming and life was difficult, his parents could not provide more help and could only rely on his own efforts. Ultimately, under constant hard work, Luo Feng continues to explore his own potential and is recognized by his increased abilities and self-improvement. Not only that, Luo Feng not only shouldered the burden of supporting the family, but also joined other justice fighters to face evil monsters to protect the homeland of mankind and for the better survival and development of mankind. In a desperate doomsday situation, can Luo Feng and the other soldiers drive away the monsters and successfully protect the human world?

(Source: Animexin)

Sword Immortal Martial Emperor

60 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Sword Immortal Martial Emperor: Starting in the Rebellion of Xuanwu Gate , 鍓戜粰姝﹀笣锛氬紑灞鐜勬闂ㄤ箣鍙, Jian Xian Wudi: Kaiju Xuanwu Men Zhi Bian

Sword Saint of The Ten Realms

? episodes 路 ONA Completed

In the ten directions, the strong are respected. The young Lin Tian was deceived by his fianc茅e Xiao Yun and Mo Sen, the eldest son of Mo鈥檚 family, to lose all his family property and was pushed off the cliff. Luckily he survived, he finally woke up and determined to avenge the two families and take back everything that belonged to him. Under the cliff, he accidentally obtained a mysterious black iron sword. Due to lack of strength, he decided to join the Jiuyang Wufu first, and take revenge after his strength matured. Unexpectedly, the elder of the Wufu was Mo Sen鈥檚 uncle. Lin Tian began to act in a low-key manner, practicing martial arts hard, refining the method of talisman formations, going out of the city secretly to practice, fighting red-faced ghosts, killing centipedes, and seizing blood soul flowers. The adventures continued. His strength grew rapidly, but Xiao Mo鈥檚 family still did not know how to repent, ambushed, assassinated, and even mobilized the whole family to encircle and suppress them. Let鈥檚 see how the young Lin Tian took blood and revenge, and after going through hardships, he finally became the king of gods and unified the heavens of the ten directions!

Tales of Demons and Gods

Ruo Hong Culture
328 episodes 路 ONA Completed Demon Gods,Yao Shen Ji , 濡栫璁

In his past life, although too weak to protect his home when it counted, out of grave determination Nie Li became the strongest Demon Spiritist and stood at the pinnacle of the martial world. However, he lost his life during the battle with the Sage Emperor and six deity-ranked beasts.

His soul was then brought back to when he was still 13 years old. Although he's the weakest in his class with the lowest talent, having only a red soul realm and a weak one at that, with the aid of the vast knowledge which he accumulated from his previous life, he decided to train faster than anyone could expect. He also decided to help those who died nobly in his previous life to train faster as well.

He aims to protect the city from the coming future of being devastated by demon beasts and the previous fate of ending up destroyed. He aims to protect his lover, friends, family and fellow citizens who died in the beast assault or its aftermath. And he aims to destroy the so-called Sacred family who arrogantly abandoned their duty and betrayed the city in his past life.

(Source: Goodreads)

Ten Emperors Are My Disciple Season 1-2

120 episodes 路 ONA Completed Heroic Teacher,Ten Emperors Are My Disciples,The Ten Great Emperors at the Beginning Are All My Apprentices

The legendary king Gu Xuan chen had once trained ten powerful emperor-level experts as his disciples, who dominated the world with their strength. However, when he tried to break the seal that bound him, he was struck by lightning and perished. He was then reborn as a son-in-law and embarked on a journey to regain his former glory, overcoming various obstacles along the way. He slayed demons and monsters, defeated evil spirits, saved his clan, and rescued his disciples and grandchildren. Witness how this high-level expert restarts his life and stirs up a storm of adventure!

Ten Thousand Worlds

Ruo Hong Culture
274 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

On this day, Lin Feng was condensing his martial soul in the Lin Mansion. He didn’t want to, he had just cultivated his sword martial soul into a prototype, and his fiancee Ji Manyao took the opportunity to take away his martial soul, causing him to vomit blood and die. At the same time, Lin Feng’s spirit entered the place where the gods were buried. The mysterious woman in the place told Lin Feng that he could gain huge martial arts power and knowledge by destroying the ancient gods buried here. In the real world, Lin Feng, who was originally the eldest young master of the Lin family, was no longer respected by his servants because he lost his sword spirit. It was not until Lin Feng used the power obtained from the place of burial to defeat Lin Yuhong, the powerhouse of Huangjie Wuhun, that the Lin family’s attitude towards Lin Feng changed. On the other hand, Lin Feng killed Qin Xiao who was fighting with him because he couldn’t control the newly acquired power well. Qin Xiao is the grandson of the first elder of the Qin family, and has always been favored by the elders. Now that Qin Xiao was killed, the elders of the Qin family were unwilling.

The Abyss Game

16 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Shenyuan Youxi

Description: Qiao Jingting, having unexpectedly enter the abyss game to avoid enslavement, forms an alliance with the vengeful veteran player Shu Ai and the mysterious youth Bai Er against the evil ruler Han Bin and his organization, Heart Moon Fox. After a life-and-death struggle, just when they believe they are about to achieve victory, they discover they have fallen into Han Bin’s trap, facing a desperate situation. Even more frightening is that with this failure, the trust among the three quickly collapses. In a critical moment, the arrival of the super expert and rough man Zou Yidao changes the power dynamics in the entire novice village and brings a glimmer of hope for escape to Qiao Jingting and his companions. Unfortunately, the trio soon realizes that Zou Yidao, who managed to escape the crisis, seems to lack a clear sense of good and evil compared to Han Bin and only cares about his own goals. Moreover, at this moment, he seems to have reached some kind of “deal” with Han Bin. In the increasing despair, Qiao Jingting and his companions keenly perceive the true nature hidden beneath Zou Yidad’s “playful” appearance, and through this, they sense the irreconcilable contradictions between Han Bin and Zou Yidao. Seizing the opportunity, they unite with Zou Yidan and ultimately defeat Han Bin. However, what Qlao Jingting and the others never expected is that just as they leave the novice village ready to showcase their abilities, they encounter a series of threats in the outside world far more formidable than those brought by the once powerful Han Bin, posing an unknown multiple of enormous crises.

The Almighty Master

66 episodes 路 ONA Completed

In order to find out the truth about the murder of his parents, young Qin Mo stepped out of the forbidden land and vowed to become an all-round master and strive to be the overlord of the world! One man and one dog, deceitful and abducted, and counterattacked all the way, destined to cause a bloody storm…

The Apprentices Are All Bosses

25 episodes 路 ONA Completed Wo De Nv Tudimen Dou Shi Weilai Zhu Tian Da Lo, My Female Apprentices Are All Big Shots From the Future, 鎴戠殑濂冲緬寮熶滑閮芥槸鏈潵璇稿ぉ澶т浆, 璜稿ぉ鑱栬呫滃穿澹婁笘鐣屻仺濂冲紵瀛愩, My Female Disciples are all Future Masters of the Heavens

The long river of history is facing collapse, the strongest Taoist priest returned to one hundred thousand years ago with a whole body of cultivation base? Ding~ Your system task has arrived, and the task of conquering the female apprentice is up to you!

The Demon King Arrives

100 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

In this world, there is a legend that has existed for many years: One day, the demon king will appear in the world, and under his command, there are seven terrifying demons that will unleash darkness and despair upon the world. Devil鈥檚 Advent / Demon Pro,

The Eternal Strife

Wonder Cat Animation
? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Bu Si Bu Mie

The ancient god Du Gu experienced ten reincarnations, he awakened the memory of his past life, successfully cultivated the unity of God and Devil, and embarked on the road to against the heaven銆
An ordinary young man in a small town tries to learn the essence of martial arts, but he is set up by someone, and then suffers a tragic love and gets involved in a dispute in the martial arts world. He is wronged by others due to his identity. While struggling to survive, he gradually gets back his memories of his previous life and embarks on a journey to fight against the heaven. During this process, he wins the sincerest friendship and the most precious love. Even he has to go through countless difficulties and face the risk of death, he still stays true to himself. He fights for himself, for his fate and for justice, and never flinches no matter how powerful his opponents are.

(Dugu Baitian) : male MC
銆(Shitu Mingyue)锛歠emale MC
She is a Miss from a noble family, a childhood sweetheart, she accompanied Dugu Baitian through 9 reincarnations.
(Xuan Xuan)锛歠emale MC
She is a descendant of the ancient gods, the most beautiful beauty, lively and naughty, and likes to tease Dugu Baitian.

The First Immortal of the Seven Realms

120 episodes 路 ONA Completed The First Immortal of the Seven Realms, 涓冪晫绗竴浠,Qi Jie Diyi Xian

Because of a sudden kindness, Liang Xi has ten thousand years of true power, and joins Tianlingmen to embark on the official path of self-cultivation. Turning your hands into clouds and covering your hands into rain, while talking and laughing, the powerful enemies are wiped out. My wish is very simple. It is nothing more than planting flowers and raising grass, and making bubble girls and refining treasures. Covering the world with one hand, very good and powerful. Liang Xi looked at the sentient beings in the seven realms crawling under her feet, and emphasized that I am a man with a strong sense of chastity.

(Source: Donghua Sub Studio)

The First Order [Di Yi Xulie]

bilibili, China Literature, Tencent Animation & Comics
16 episodes 路 ONA Completed The First Order, 绗竴搴忓垪

Facing an uncertain environment and future, fortresses are built one after another. Refugees flock to the exterior of these walls for survival, hoping that one day they can enter a fortress. Our main lead, Ren Xiaosu is one of them. With indomitable will, Ren Xiaosu and Yan Liuyuan are determined to move forward for a shot at survival. They keep advancing by absorbing positive energy, changing the world with every step.

The Frenzy of Evolution

80 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

銆怱tory Introduction銆 After Duan Fei died in a previous life, he was reborn 20 years ago, at the critical time point a few hours before the virus havoc, Duan Fei regretted 20 years of things can finally be remedied. Using his 20 years of knowledge in the past life to arm himself well in this world, Duan Fei, who gets the evolutionary tree, is constantly improving his strength. Duan Fei, who could only survive in the previous life, is a world hero in this life…
銆怤ext Episode銆慤pdated Every Thursday and SundayTHE FRENZY OF EVOLUTION

The Galaxy Emperor

52 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

In ancient times, all saints fought for hegemony. A young man known as the “Sleeping God” got a blessing in disguise and opened a heaven-defying technique. From then on, a genius with unparalleled physical strength, crossed the sky and the earth, slashed the stars with his sword, and thousands of geniuses crawled and trembled under his feet. In the world where heroes rise up, I am the only one who dominates martial arts.

The Great Demon Emperor Development System

60 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

After a hundred thousand years of vicissitudes, the “Demon Emperor Sutra”, which originally only had 10 levels, was accidentally cultivated to 99999…….

On the day he came out of quarantine, Xiao Ting unexpectedly received the “Demon Emperor Development System”

But鈥︹︹︹..When this humble little system saw Xiao Chong who had reached the full level, he couldn鈥檛 help but sigh with compassion: Fairy tales are all lies! Did they say that the newcomer system would be more profitable? The newcomer system can Do you have no fear in being domineering?

Xiao Ting looked at the cute little system with his head covered with bags: I heard that your system likes to command the host? Humble System:……… QAQ

The Great Emperor of Martial Arts

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

The young Luo Xiu came from a humble background, but with average talent, he accidentally fused the law of life and death into a treasure.
From then on, he hid the life and death wheels of the heavens, controlled reincarnation, created supreme supernatural powers, and became a generation of great emperor.

The Heavenly Conqueror

60 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

After thousands of years, QingYu returns with the scroll of a thousand beasts. With the power to fill the lands and breakthrough skies, I am the supreme of all eternal heavens!

The Immortal Emperor Luo Wuji Has Returned

40 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing The Reverent Saint, Luo Wuji ,Luo Wuji, The Reverent Saint ,The Immortal Emperor Luo Wuji has returned ,浠欏皧娲涙棤鏋

Luo Wuji, the Wuji Immortal Lord, was the most powerful figure in the immortal world. He was betrayed and died by the only disciple he had devoted his whole life to training. By chance, he was reborn and returned to the past. At that time, he was still a poor student named Luo Chen. He had just embarked on a journey to Tongzhou. In order to give his college girlfriend a home, he came to Tongzhou to work alone. In his previous life, he had an ordinary status. He was betrayed by his girlfriend and bullied by his love rival, which destroyed his family. After being forced into a desperate situation, he awakened Jinzang and became the Supreme Being of the Immortal World. After being reborn in this life, he vowed to protect his family and find out who was behind the persecution of him in his previous life. Let them pay with blood.

The Invincible

16 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Shi Fang Wu Sheng

Introduction: In the wasteland at the end of the world, in the third year of King Sejong’s reign, the world was in chaos and the people were in dire straits. The Demon Gate Demon Party hides in the dark and causes chaos. The gangs fight against each other, creating chaos. In the chaos, various sects emerged one after another, competing for resources and territory, and establishing their own rule. There are ambitious people who try to take over the world and establish a dynasty, and there are also righteous people who want to save the common people. Wei He holds the realm-breaking bead that can break through the realm, travel through troubled times, and create his own legend step by step.

The King of Eternal Night

35 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

Because a mysterious man found Yongye, known as the Emperor of Darkness in the World, and used the most important thing in his heart as a bargaining chip to bring him into the future after 2000, an empire of cultivators, in order to protect the most precious thing he had lost. , Yong Ye faced many powerful immortal cultivators and continued to fight on his way to the strongest path.

The Legend of Dragon Soldier [Shen Ji Long Wei]

26 episodes 路 ONA Completed The Legend of Dragon Soldier, 绁炵骇榫欏崼

Shen Lang traveled from the human world to the original world, embarked on a journey to find his partner, and got involved in the battle between the righteous and evil sects in the wild continent. Let Penglai Mountain come to life, and defeat the heroes when hunting for treasures in Penglai Mountain, and become the real first monk of the young generation in the Yuanhe Sea Area.

(Source: Youku, Translated)

The Legend of Magic Outfit

Ruo Hong Culture
40 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Mo Zhuang Chuanshuo,The Legend of Magic Outfit, 榄旇浼犺

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The Legend of Sky Lord

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Shen Wu Tianzun,The Legend of Sky Lord, 绁炴澶╁皧

I came from the void. With my hands, I can make the heavens fall and the netherworld crumble. I am a demon, a god, a deity, a human. I am Xiao Chen, the lord of all things.
Xiao Chen, the Supreme Body Cultivator, was betrayed by his best friend and failed to overcome the tribulation. When he died, he escaped with his powerful spirit. The soul came to the Tianyuan domain of the real martial arts world, and after waking up again, he became Xiao Chen, a disciple of the Qingyun sect who was seriously injured. However, it was unexpectedly discovered that this body was born with supernatural powers and was endowed with extraordinary talents. Xiao Chen secretly made up his mind that he wants to return to the position of supreme! However, Xiao Chen’s senior brother Liu Feng and his group suddenly came to the door to provoke Xiao Chen and snatch the room, but they were defeated by Xiao Chen with one move. Liu Han came

The Legend of Sword Domain

Ruo Hong Culture
? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

n the ancient sword domain continent, there are ten divine swords and five major families. Lu Yang, a descendant of the Lu family, one of the five major families, awakened the divine sword “Peach Divine Sword” at the critical moment of evading pursuit. In order to avoid pursuit, he kept a low profile and bided his time. , practice hard, avenge his mother, explore the truth, fight and mediate among the major family forces, and finally dominate the ten swords in the world and aspire to the Sword Territory Continent.

The Legend of the Taiyi Sword Immortal

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

In the Jiuzhou Continent, the Immortal Way is prosperous, and everyone in the world is proud to worship the Immortal Sect. However, cracks in the boundary wall suddenly appeared, and demons from other worlds began to sneak into the Kyushu Immortal Sect secretly. After the alien demons infiltrated into the major immortal sects, they tried to gradually take over the power of the immortal sects and attempted to subvert the Kyushu Continent. Sword Immortal Mu Xun and his friends stopped the demon invasion, but unfortunately fell into the demon trap and were mistaken for a traitor from the immortal sect. In order to look for opportunities and clues to the lurking demons, Mu Xun decided to hide his traces from others and handed over his only son Dongfang Hao to his wife’s clan to raise and take care of him. Dongfang Hao, who has the blood of the Imperial clan but has no spiritual roots, has always been regarded as mediocre and bullied by his fellow tribesmen. He was originally a swordsman queen, but his life was rough because his father was framed by the demon clan. In times of crisis, he Resolutely relied on unremitting efforts to turn danger into safety, and step by step towards the road of enlightenment and immortality. In the secret realm of Taichu, the capital of Zhaowu King, Dongfang Hao stood up with loyalty and saved his friends in danger many times. At the same time, Dongfang Hao never forgot to search for his missing father. Taming dragons, competing for immortal souls, and constantly improving his cultivation, he is determined to find his father, reunite the major immortal sects, and drive the demons out of the Kyushu continent

The Legend Of Yang Chen

40 episodes 路 ONA Completed 涔濊景椋庝簯褰,Jiu Chen Fengyun Lu

Synopsis: Yang Chen, the grandson of the Patriarch of the Yang Mansion, was ridiculed by the people in the mansion because he had not awakened his Dao Soul for a long time. In desperation, he breaks through himself to awaken the Dao Soul and Qi Ling Huang Yu, and realizes that the crowd headed by his uncle is forcing Grandpa to give up the position of Patriarch. After that, Yang Chen decided to improve his strength to protect his family, and went to Youyun Mountain alone to find medicine. In the end, everyone’s conspiracy was broken and the position of Patriarch was kept.

The Melee Mage

2:10 Animation
? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Jin Zhan Fashi,Virtual World: Close Combat Mage

Due to a mistake on his student鈥檚 part, a super Martial Artist received the wrong class in an online game and has become a mage. He, who was used to curbing violence with violence and using strength to subdue strength, could only make the best out of this mistake. Taking on a new lease in life, he became a violent close combat mage. When strength and magic came perfectly together, a new gaming path had been opened by him!

The Metaverse

16 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

In the future city, science and robots have become necessities in people’s lives. The research, development and use of technology maintain a delicate balance between the scientific ethics committee, the technology chaebol, and the third-party security system company Mosh. Wang Xiaoyun, the only son of the Wang Group, was assassinated by an illegal robot while he was out hunting. Everyone in his entourage was spared. The balance of power has been broken, and the undercurrent is surging. Bai Wuxie, captain of the 24th Operation Team in charge of public security, found Zhang Bingyi and Shang Weiyang, consultants who are good at mechanical networks, to assist in the investigation. After several on-site investigations, it was discovered that the murderer turned out to be a product of the “robot oligarchy” Aibozer Company. At the same time, Mosh also encountered a security crisis, and everything seemed to be driven by someone behind the scenes. Zhang Bingyi, Bai Wuxie and Mo Shangshuang from Mosh Company were forced to form a special operations team to find out the truth behind the scenes.

The Most Heroic Son-in-Law

100 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing The Most Heroic Son-in-Law,The Most Luxurious Son in Law of Dragon King Palace, 鏈璞禈濠 榫欑帇娈, The Supreme Son-in-Law: Dragon King's Domain,The Ultimate Wealthy Son-in-Law: Palace of the Dragon King

In the eyes of many others, Lu Feng is considered a useless good-for-nothing. His mother-in-law complains that he freeloads off of his wife, and a bunch of scum with bad intentions eyes his wife hungrily. But who says that a man who married into his wife鈥檚 family can鈥檛 achieve power and greatness? Lu Feng vows that he will protect his wife, Ji Xueyu, from now on!

The Peak of True Martial Arts

Ruo Hong Culture
40 episodes 路 ONA Completed The Peak of True Martial Arts, 鐪熸宸呭嘲

Nie Feng has a body of true yang, but he came from an ordinary background, has a rough fate, was repeatedly oppressed and calculated, and finally embarked on the road of confronting the eight major sects alone. Unexpectedly, Nie Feng did not die because of this, but was reborn back to his boyhood at the age of seventeen. In this life, although he was from an ordinary background, he possessed peerless martial arts and rose rapidly in the martial arts. The regrets of the previous life will be made up. All enemies will be buried.

The Proud Emperor of Eternity

Ruo Hong Culture
? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

Chu Kuangsheng lived in Shiyang Town, a remote town in the Shenlong Empire. He was the son of the head of the Chu family in Shiyang Town. He was born weak and unable to practice. In an accident, Chu Kuangsheng inherited the Chu family’s ancestral secrets and reshaped his meridians. Since then, Chu Kuangsheng’s cultivation has progressed rapidly. On the surface, he is cowardly and incompetent, but his other identity is that he is a famous mad master in the world. In order to find out the truth about the disappearance of his parents, Chu Kuangsheng swung his sword to cut off the front line and fought against the heroes of the Nine Heavens. He became famous in the universe and in thousands of realms. I am the master.

The Secrets of Star Divine Arts

? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

Chen Xing is the young master of the Chen family in Dongyang City. Both his parents died. He could have succeeded him as the head of the family when he came of age, but was plotted and plotted by the ambitious acting head of the family, Chen Sheng, to occupy the magpie nest. Who would have thought that Chen Xing would survive the catastrophe, accidentally obtain the long-lost supreme skill “The Ancient Star God Art”, and learn some of the moves, come back strong, expose Chen Sheng’s ugly face, and imprison him. The matter was put aside for the time being. Chen Xing took precautions and carefully studied the “Ancient Star God Technique” to collect the star beasts needed for the technique and grow rapidly. During this period, Chen Xing rescued Mu Qinglan, the daughter of the palace lord of Xuanyang Palace, because of a star beast, and on her advice, she went through all kinds of hardships to enter Xuanyang Palace. However, as soon as he started, Chen Xing had constant disputes with Jian Feikong, the son of the deputy sect leader.

The Strongest Prince Consort’s Journey

40 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

The work is “The Strongest Prince Consort’s Journey”. It mainly tells the story of the male protagonist Zhuang Yan, in order to realize his dream of becoming handsome, he developed Taichu, a super artificial intelligence that can calculate the birth and death of the universe. He went to a parallel world to find his reincarnation goal, and came to a place similar to ancient times. In the world of the Song Dynasty, Duan Fengliu, the new emperor of Dali Kingdom, was reincarnated. From then on, he used the help of AI to escape the three worlds.

The Sword Immortal Is Here

Kuai Ying Hu Yu, Xing Yi Kai Chen
36 episodes 路 ONA Completed Jian Xian Zai Ci

Lin Beichen, an otaku, got a mobile phone by coincidence, and the mobile phone took him into a world called Dongdong Zhenzhou. Here, he became the first son of Lin Jinnan, one of the top ten famous men in the North Sea Empire [Zhantianhou]. He was also a notorious black sheep, and was born with brain disease. When Hou Lin was defeated in the south during the war, his family was in decline, and Lin Beichen, who lost his backer, was stuck in school by various’ enemies’ and couldn’t go out. In a critical moment, he was surprised to find that the mobile phone he brought with him turned out to be a plug-in artifact that could help him practise. Relying on this artifact, Lin Beichen opened his own way of hilarious counterattack.

The Way of Domination

60 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

Liu Chengfeng woke up from the coffin and found that he had reincarnated as the infamous wicked man with the same name as his in Xuanhui Continent. In front of him is a desolate wicked sect founded by the original owner and an honorable sect who came to encircle and suppress them. In order to survive on the Xuanhui Continent, Liu Chengfeng, who is bound to the “Good Man System”, must complete the system’s mission, reverse the sect’s reputation, work hard to build the sect, and build the evil sect into the largest sect in the Xuanhui Continent!

The Wonderland of Ten Thousands

Ruo Hong Culture
? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Wan Jie Xian Zong

Ye Xingyu’鈥檚 master Yu Huanxian went and left a giant Tianyuan Shenzong. Ye Xingyun became the new leader of the Tianyuan Shenzong. At the same time, the civet cat exchanged Prince Edward鈥檚 method and became a child of a small family, hidden in it, waiting for revenge. Opportunity. Ye Xingyun embarked on a very dangerous road, but with his own strategy, and Tianyuan Shenzong masters of all the help of experts, vertical and horizontal tactics, strategizing, against the huge Grand Dynasty.

Thirty-six Cavalry

CG Year
13 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Sanshiliu Qi,Sanshi Li Ji 36,Riders Thirty-six Riders

Emperor Ming of the Han Dynasty awarded Ban Chao, a descendant of the historian, the bronze swallow talisman and asked him to go on a mission to the Western Regions to find the method of immortality and the golden Buddha in his dream. Ban Chao searched for the master hiding in the capital, and thirty-six people including the descendants of the Mo family, the descendants of the Pirates, and the Yelang Gu master were traveling with him. In addition to fulfilling the emperor’s wish, he also wanted to find the origins of the historian’s family and the murderer who framed his father.

Transcending the Nine Heavens

Foch Films
? episodes 路 ONA Ongoing Ao Shi Jiu Chong Tian,鍌蹭笘涔濋噸澶

Chu Yang is hunted down and trapped in a hopeless situation by various people for obtaining his Nine Functions Sword, the supreme magical weapon in the Nine Heavens. He is stabbed into the heart, which accidentally awakens the Nine Functions Sword and brings him back to his youth life again. In this life, he will choose a different path, protect his love and brother, and embark on the road to search for the Nine Functions Sword. His fate will be rewritten, and this hot-blooded man will fight against the powerful forces, requites kindness with gratitude, returns evil for evil, and turns the Nine Heavens upside down.


68 episodes 路 OVA Completed Zuizhong Hun Yi , 鏈缁堥瓊鎰,Final Will

Nowadays, that Bird Star is under permanent siege. Only those who have a powerful guardian spirit, a 鈥淲ar Spirit鈥, can change their fates and stand against 10,000 people. Juvenile Rogge鈥檚 father had the strongest fighting spirit, but he betrayed the country, causing Rogge and his mother to be bullied and to lose their place. In order to clean up humiliation and change destiny of his family, the teenager broke into the world鈥檚 most fiercest and scariest villain academy and strive against opponents with powerful fighting spirits. Can Rogue get rid of the misery and boundary surrounding his life, or not?

Urban Medical Ying Yang Doctor

45 episodes 路 ONA Completed Metropolitan City鈥檚 Ying Yang Miracle Doctor

Lin Xiu returned to civilization confident and proud after training with a master who cannot be named on a celestial island cut off from the real world. In his quest to uphold justice, he courageously picks fights with elites in the community wreaking havoc among the rich and the powerful. Be it ghosts, spirits, or seniors of the daoist association, he is fearless. Will the little girl Xiao Tong stay a little girl as she accompanies him on his journey to track down the rest of his friends from the orphanage they once shared?

Are you dissatisfied? Do you consider yourself one of the strongest? I beg your pardon, but I’m stepping all over you right now!

With A Sword Domain, I Can Become The Sword Saint

60 episodes 路 ONA Ongoing

With A Sword Domain, I Can Become The Sword Saint

Zhang Fan, who transmigrated into another world, finally became a cultivator but was framed by others and lost all his cultivation. Just as he was about to die, the system was activated and gods, immortals, demon emperors all became nothing to him. The invincible Zhang Fan wanted to tear apart the skies with one strike, however, there was a limit to the range of his sword domain. In order to get the experience points required to increase its range, Zhang Fan had no other choice but to lure evil to himself. From then on, a new legend of him conquering gods and overpowering countless rulers appeared in the world.

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